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Hello and thank you for visiting my website, I'm so grateful for your interest in my work. I'm currently taking some time away from my studio/workshop on maternity leave. If you'd like to be updated upon my return please head over to my contact page and subscribe to my mailing list for updates. 

Flow Collection

Luxury Cabinet Handles

Available in any of our house textured finishes or a custom texture of our own, the Flow collections smooth curves catch the light from all angle. A smooth convex surface on the back to the handle feels luxurious to touch.  


Tactile Light Switch

Touch sensitive dimmer switch - COMING SOON

We are currently developing a totally unique way to control your lighting. Tactile, sculptural and with the possibility of being unique to you, a place or a story our tactile switch offers an everyday momentary re connection with nature through touch.


Kup Collection

New Handmade Cabinet Handle Collection 

A contemporary take on a traditional cup kitchen handle. The Kup collection will be available in any of our house textures or a custom texture of your choosing. 

Choose from a small or extended longer cup for larger draw fronts, or the button handle for a smaller detail finish. 

Cor Projects

Tactile Shift - Self Directed Design Project

This self directed design project is what routed Object Cor in the world of touch. It explores our sense of touch, its relationship with our emotions and our innate connection to nature.

Tactile Shift resulted in two touch sensitive light switches.

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