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Hello and thank you for visiting my website, I'm so grateful for your interest in my work. I'm currently taking some time away from my studio/workshop on maternity leave. If you'd like to be updated upon my return please head over to my contact page and subscribe to my mailing list for updates. 


About Object Cor

What we're all about and how it all began.

Object Cor was founded by designer-maker Florence Maisie Carter. Florence began her career as an award-winning silversmith, designing and making contemporary tableware and trophies. During this time she was able to develop a broad range of metalworking skills, giving her a keen eye for quality and detail. With a family history in both watch making and engineering, Florence also had a natural allure to mechanical fixings and her silverware often reflected this.

While studying for her MA in Design, Florence’s passion for hardware developed, working amongst designers from other fields gave her an insight into both interior and product design. The result was the desire to create unique handmade interior metalwork that combines functionality, craft and concept.

As a crafts person, Florence is passionate about making by hand. This passion does not only reside within the finishing process of manufacture but also in the design development stages which often include experimenting with alternative materials and processes in the discovery of alternative outcomes. This passion for the hand made however can also be combined with modern technologies and “this is where it can get really interesting”, says Florence. 

Research into our sense of touch grounded Object Cor’s roots in tactile surfaces, particularly natural textures. With a growing number of people living in urban environments and with much of our time being spent tapping, scrolling and swiping, Florence is passionate about the importance of spending time in nature. Through the application of natural textures to the everyday objects you interact with, Object Cor offers you a brief natural tactile interaction, bringing your attention to the smaller details and encouraging everyday mindfulness. 

Our Fascination with Touch

Our sense of touch is so critical and deeply rooted within us that it resides mostly within our subconscious, yet it is fundamental to human development, well-being, emotion and more. The connection between touch and emotion can be observed in our etymology of language. In English the word feeling, refers not only to our sense of touch but also to our emotions.

With this evident connection some philosophers (Jan Patočka & John Dewey) argue that our emotions can be considered a type of sense. This is particularly apparent when considering empathy, which allows us, through imagination, to immerse ourselves in the experience of others.

Our senses combined with consciousness enables us to differentiate ourselves from our surroundings. However, the notion of self means that we are inclined to distance ourselves from our environment, considering ourselves isolate beings. This is evident in our choice to reside in urban built environments that can often ignore our fundamental connection to nature.

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