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Didi Cor
Decorative Interior Items and Body Adornment



Vintage Revived Metalwork

Inspired by nature, motivated by tactility, devoted to craft and passionate about individuality.

Rooted in the finest quality finish, Object Cor creates beautifully crafted objects to adorn your home. With a focus on our intrinsic connection to our surroundings, these tactile surfaces reawaken a sense that often resides our subconscious. 

Handcrafted in our Sheffield workshop our products are made to order and can be customised making them unique to you. 

Lets Talk Texture

At Object Cor we offer something unique. We are passionate about making items that resonate on a personal level with you. To fulfill this we have developed a process which allows us to take an existing textures and apply it to our products. Your chosen texture could come from a place that is close to your heart or somewhere that holds lots of memories, offering a truly unique yet subtle way to reminisce, tell a story, or harmonise your items with the rest of your interior.

If all this seams a lot to take in we also have a range of luxurious house textures to choose from.

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