Brass Singing Bowl & Striker

Brass Singing Bowl & Striker

Beautiful sounding brass singing bowl with felt covered striker. This is an unusual singing bowl as it has a heavy foot rather than sitting on a pillow. This style of bowl is played by being struck and it sounds best when held in an open palm. 


Bowl Dimensions 126mm D x 60mm H 

Striker 185mm L

  • Our products are not lacquered to help reduce their impact on the environment therefor they are a living finish and may develop a beautiful natural patina over time. They have however been treated with a specialist oil and wax to help reduce the speed at which the patina develops. As a result, we advise against the use of metal, chemical, aerosol, solvent or abrasive cleaning products as they are likely to remove the protective layer we have applied and may damage the existing finish. Instead we suggest the use of a dry, lint free cloth, a light application of renaissance or beeswax may be applied if necessary, please patch test a small area of wax before proceeding.

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  • This is a reclaimed/vintage item and may have some signs of visible use. 

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